You may have heard lots of things about e-cigs in the news, or maybe you’ve heard nothing. Either way, many people have some questions about the legal aspects surrounding electronic cigarettes.

Can I use the device indoors?

In the United States, there are currently only two jurisdictions where electronic cigarette use is prohibited in places that normally prohibit real cigarettes: Suffolk County, New York and the State of New Jersey. Obviously in all other areas it would be wise to ask permission first, as e-cigarettes are fairly new to the world, and you may alarm business owners who are unaware of what it is, or that it even exists. Some bar owners or restaurant owners might ask you to not “vape” in their establishment, and they’re totally in their right to do so. That being said, many people have “vaped” in department stores, on commercial aircraft, in the doctor’s office, and even in the workplace without hassle.

Didn’t I see a news story about the FDA banning these things?

The FDA halted shipments of electronic cigarettes into the United States from abroad at one point. A federal judge ruled on January 14, 2010, that they have no jurisdiction over these devices as they do not fall under the FDCA, and the FDA was ordered to release the shipments they had seized. The FDA filed for an appeal, and the order to release shipments was held aside pending further decison. The appeal is ongoing.

Where to Buy?
Right now, the best prices are most likely found on the Internet. However, if you have a reliable vendor near you, perhaps in a tobacco store or mall , you may prefer that. Just know that because they usually have higher overhead costs, you will probably pay more for the convenience of having them close to home. There are many very good vendors online. That said, there are also many not so good vendors online too. So be careful. We would advise that you get a recommendation from a friend or use one of the vendors that sponsor one of the major electronic cigarette forums online. Also, be aware that many countries have customs issues with electronic cigarettes, including the U.K., Canada and the United States. It may be safest to order from a company that is located within the country where you reside if possible, that way you won’t have to deal with any customs problems. Please be sure to check the laws for your country.

We feel it is best not to purchase from a vendor that:
Asks you to sign up for a “free” e-cigarette
Makes health claims (i.e., e-cigs are healthy or good for you)
Charges more than $75 for a basic starter kit
Offers no warranty

You can find dependable vendors here:

This is a link to the National Vapers Club approved vendors and other information